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15th Annual "Vettes on the Avenue" Show Thank you!

We would like to thank all that attended our Annual "Vettes on the Avenue" Show this past October 21st, 2017.  It was a gorgeous day, which made for a wonderful day in Downtown Melbourne. We had 149 registered Corvettes at the show! Thanks to your support, and that of our many donors, we were able to donate $2,000 to the Space Honor Flight. We hope to see you next year!  Watch this space for updates on our show!

14th Annual "Vettes on the Avenue" Show Thank you!

Space Coast Corvette Club's 14th Annual "Vettes on the Ave" Show was a huge success! We would like to thank all those that came to participate and join us for what was a wonderful Saturday morning and afternoon in Downtown Melbourne. We had a record 172 Corvettes this year!   Please check out the photos from the show in our Photos section

13th Annual "Vettes On the Avenue" Show Thank you!

Space Coast Corvette Club held its Annual "Vettes on the Ave Show" this past  Saturday October 17, 2015. Our show was  a tremendous success and we will like to thank all of you that came down to spend the day with us! It was a gorgeous day and we had a record 156 Corvettes!


Because of your support, and that from our many donors, we were able to give the Honor Flight  a check for $2,500! For this, we would like to say "Thank You" to all our donors and those who attended this year's show.


We hope to see you all back of our 14th Annual Vettes On the Avenue on October 22th, 2016.

GM Working on Next Generation C8 Corvette

GM's head of Global Development, Mark Reuss, has confirmed that GM is currently working on the next generation C8 Corvette. It will be launched in the 2017 model year. The name given to this new Corvette will be the "Zora ZR1". The new ZR1 will be low volume, roughly 1500 units per annum, and figures to start around $150,000. It will be a standalone special and will share showroom space with the current C7 model. The C7 will continue production alongside the C8. The C7 is expected to end production around the 2020 timeframe. The C8 will then continue production and will be introducing base models to the fold. The C8 will still maintain a V8 engine, but for the first time, the C8 will be a Mid Engine Corvette!













The Space Coast Corvette Club was organized in 1973 by our first President Jerry Allen. He felt that the Melbourne area was ready for a dynamic Corvette Club and survived their first year by conducting car washes and other events to raise money. The Space Coast Corvette Club had later filed for incorporation with the State of Florida on May 19, 1977.


The club's constitution describes our purpose adequately: "To provide its membership an opportunity to participate in organized competition and promote greater enjoyment of their Corvettes." "To promote and participate in community activities in order to develop a greater understanding and spirit of cooperation between the community and all automotive enthusiasts."



Space Coast Vettes, a non-profit organization, has sponsored several fund raising events since 1973. Some of the organizations that have benefited are: Hacienda Girl Ranch, East Coast Zoological Society, Harbor City Volunteer Ambulance Squad, Florida Children's home, and many others.


Official Club Correspondence should be sent to:


Space Coast Vettes

P.O. Box 360438

Melbourne, Fl. 32936


Checks for donation or membership should be made payable to: SCCC









The Club meets the first Sunday of every month (unless otherwise noted) at Memaw's BBQ, located at 600 E. Eau Gallie Blvd. in Indian Harbor Beach. Social and Dinner starts at 6pm, with meeting starting at 7pm. Visitors and Guests are encouraged to attend. The Club Board of Directors meets the Wednesday prior to the general meeting at Rosner Chevrolet. All club members are welcomed at the Board of Directors meeting.


Club dues are payable not later than the October Meeting. Current Space Coast Vettes Corvette Club (SCCC)  dues renewal is $49 per year per family. These fees includes both  SCCC membership and the National Corvette Club Council (NCCC) membership. New member fees are $69 ($10 one time charge for SCCC and $10 for NCCC).   A $10 late fee will be charged for late payment of dues.


A copy of the our constitution can be found here.

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Club Members can send their ads to the Webmaster for publication on this page.  Ads will run for 1 month unless a request is sent to the Webmaster to extend it. Ads are free to all members.   Non Members can place ads for a $25 donation, the ads will run for 3 months.  Non-member requests/photos  should be send to the Club P.O. Box or brought to our monthly meeting. Please, Corvette related items only.


DISCLAIMER: Space Coast Vettes is not responsible for the information provided on these ads. Ads do not represent an endorsement of the items placed for sale or trade on this page by Space Coast Vettes, their members or officers.  Space Coast Vettes reserves the right to reject any advertisement that is not in the best interests of the club and shall be held harmless from damages or responsibility on any dispute herein.







14th Annual Vettes in the Avenue Show

October 2016


Space Coast Corvette Club's 14th Annual "Vettes on the Ave" Show was a huge success! We had a record 172 Corvettes this year!  We would like to thank all those that came to participate and join us for what was a wonderful Saturday morning and afternoon in Downtown Melbourne.



Ancient City Car Show

St. Augustine

November 2016


Panama Canal Cruise

February 2015



Thanks to Pete for sending us his pictures from their recent cruise!


Memorial Day Parade


Downtown Melbourne

May 25th, 2015


Thank you to all that came out for the parade, the most we ever had 22 car's & 32 for lunch at Meg's. It was a great day.  For those heading back north for the summer have a good trip and a good summer, we will see you in the fall!


4th of July Parade


Downtown Melbourne

July 4th, 2014



See the video from Florida Today here

20th Anniversary Corvette Caravan


Corvette Museum

Bowling Green, KY

August 27th- 30th

Viera High School



Viera High School


September 24th, 2014


Eau Gallie High School  Car Show


Eau Gallie High School


October 10th, 2014

12th Annual Vettes on the Avenue Show


Downtown Melbourne

October 18th, 2014


We want to thank all that participated on our show this year! We had 139 Corvettes on what turned out to be a wonderful Saturday afternoon. Because of your support to our show  we were able to donate $2,000 to the Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation. We hope to see you all next year!


Dinner at The Mansion

The Mansion Restaurant

November 1st, 2014

Ancient City Auto Show

St. Augustine, FL

November 22nd, 2014



Corvette Toy Run

Titusville to Cape Canaveral, FL

December 6th, 2014



Christmas Party

Holiday Inn Viera

December 12th, 2014




Vettes On the Avenue XI


Space Coast Vettes Club

Downtown Melbourne

October 19, 2013


Our show was tremendous success this year.  A record 138 Bright and Shiny Corvettes including 3 new C7's participated on a beautiful October day. Thank you to all that participated and worked to make this such a successful show.



Please mark your calendars for  October 18, 2014 for Vettes on the Avenue XII. Get the Flyer here!



River Cruise-in Show

Stuart Corvette Club

Ft. Pierce City Marina

April 28,2013

Vettes On the Avenue X


Space Coast Vettes Club

10th Anniversary Edition

Downtown Melbourne

October, 2012




Christmas Party


Holiday Inn Convention Center

Melbourne, Florida

December, 2011




Some members have asked me about anti-virus and malware prevention software. So here are some hints and recommendations to keep your computer in top shape:


For antivirus software for you PC, I recommend Norton Utilities 360. You can get it at our local Best Buy, Staples or Office Depot. The cost is $49 and you can use it in up to three PC's in your home. You can also buy it online at the Symantec Site.


Another very nice tool is Malware Bytes. You can download it from here. There is a free and a premium version. The free version will do what you need it to do for your home/personal use. You can use this tool to clean your computer if you think it has become infested with a virus or other type of "bad" software that you think might be slowing your computer down.  It can be safely used in conjunction with Norton to give you a complete solution.


Always remember, never click on links you get from emails, unless you know for sure where it come from or can verify who sent it. 90% of virus and malware gets to your computer this way, by clicking on a link you thought a friend send you or that it looks like it came for your bank or a well known store (like Walmart or Best Buy) but instead sends you to a fake website that either has a virus or will ask you for a lot of personal information (also called "phishing"). The emails may look legitimate, but have embedded links that send you somewhere else other than what it says.  To help you protect yourself from phishing, follow this guidelines:


    1. Guard against spam. Be especially cautious of emails that come from unrecognized senders,  asking you to confirm personal or financial information over the Internet and/or make urgent requests for this information. These message are usually not personalized,  try to make you act quickly by using threatening language and/or false information with the intent of scaring you into clicking the link or providing them with the information ("Your account has been locked", "The FBI says you have to"). They also tend to be written in broken English and/or have really bad grammar. The Nigerian "419" Scam is an example of this type of spam, which is a type of  advance fee fraud scam that tries to get you to send them money in order to get an "inheritance" or a "lottery winning" neither of which are real. "Spear Phishing" is a refined version of Phising. The email may use your real name and address and it may not have the bad grammar normally associated with regular "419" emails. But it is still after the same target, your personal information. Keep in mind that legitimate business will never ask for personal information via email.


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    3. Do not click on links, download files or open attachments in emails from unknown senders. It is best to open attachments only when you are expecting them and know what they contain, even if you know the sender.


    4. Never email personal or financial information, even if you are close with the recipient. You never know who may gain access to your email account, or to the person’s account to whom you are emailing.


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    6. Beware of pop-ups and follow these tips:


    * Never enter personal information in a pop-up screen.


    * Do not click on links in a pop-up screen.


    * Do not copy web addresses into your browser from pop-ups.


    * Legitimate business should never ask you to submit personal information in pop-up screens, so don’t do it.




The views above are provided exclusively to our members as a courtesy of the webmaster. This doesn't constitute an endorsement of any product(s) or service(s) by Space Coast Corvette Club or its Board of Directors nor implies a warranty of any kind.

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